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Dada Rosso
  From the Stampa di Torino 07.06.02


Rossana Bossaglia
  Il Corriere della Sera, 25 January 1998

Melissa Hoyer
  The Sunday Telegraph, 4 September 2000

Bona Frescobaldi
  Il Corriere della Sera, 2 March 1998

Maurizio Gennari
  Il Resto del Carlino, 22 March 2000

…Patrizia Medail's "fantastic bestiary" shows that she has metabolised something different; her work is, in a certain sense, a revolt against the status of the lace pillow and embroidery hemmed in by the confinement of high lineage…
…"I brought to it everything I had missed, what I had seen and what I had done and, finally, I rediscovered the challenge and the relish of exertion, something that had guided me throughout my life, leading me towards my goals.
I was racing again and I was happy"…

Antonella Ferraro
  Corriere Adriatico, 7 April 2000

Vittoria Coen, art critic
  Corriere Adriatico, 7 April 2000