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Dada Rosso
  From the Stampa di Torino 07.06.02


Rossana Bossaglia
  Il Corriere della Sera, 25 January 1998

Melissa Hoyer
  The Sunday Telegraph, 4 September 2000

Bona Frescobaldi
  Il Corriere della Sera, 2 March 1998

Maurizio Gennari
  Il Resto del Carlino, 22 March 2000

Antonella Ferraro
  Corriere Adriatico, 7 April 2000

… The animals of Patrizia Medail, another "artist traveller" according to the definition of Elisabetta Rasy, are marvellous. Splendid in their impressive size, for the backgrounds on which they are set like jewels, only partially standing out in their three-dimensionality, with the reassuring fringed softness of their fur. Serene, placid and joyful, their glass eyes nonetheless harbour a fearful animalesque ferocity, which speaks of Africa and of the icy polar regions, but above all of a courageous, determined woman, who has managed to overcome the challenges imposed both by life and by herself, to fearlessly go beyond the barrier of her own fragile human nature.

Vittoria Coen, art critic
  Corriere Adriatico, 7 April 2000